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Our customers

kiosk burger

Burgermeister Switzerland

Taking dining to the next level with ORDERMONKEY, Burgermeister guests can experience faster service with dishes crafted to perfection and tailored to their unique tastes. Welcome to the future, where precision meets indulgence!

piza kiosk

Stripped Pizza  & Bombay Botanicals Ghostkitchen

At the Talacker, Seefeld & Basel locations guest can order and enjoy their favorite dishes from two different restaurant concepts thanks to the ORDERMONKEY-Terminal.

menu kiosk

Aris Guzman
Vegan Pop-up

Especially with temporary pop-up concepts, it is always difficult to find qualified staff for a short period of time. This is where ORDERMONKEY comes into play: The Terminal and Webapp-Solution help to focus on customer service.


Meixin Group at
the Terminal

In the Grindelwald station at Jungfraubahnen, multiple terminals are taking 100% of the orders. Even in several languages, to pick up as many guests as possible in this tourist region.

mini kiosk

SV Group x

What do Spiga and ORDERMONKEY have in common? We love pasta and pizza! And that's with the help of a customized Selforder-Solution that makes ordering even easier, whether it's dine-in or takeaway.

restaurant kiosk

Lekkeray Mezze
Office Delivery

Convenient ordering from the office? Lekkeray makes it possible in nearby open-plan offices thanks to ORDERMONKEY!
Just order, pay and it's on its way to you. The perfect solution against food waste with the additional possibility to place advertising regardless of location.

wall side kiosk

Plan B Kitchen

At Pier 34 and their Ghost Kitchen in Samedan, Plan B Kitchen teamed up with ORDERMONKEY to whisk away waiting times, ensuring a seamless take-away ordering process, leaving guests with beaming smiles! Happy customers, happy business – it's the recipe for success!

restaurant banner

Lekkeray Eatery

Lekkeray's ORDERMONKEY-powered ordering pillars in nearby offices boast a Selforder-QR-Code, ensuring a smooth ordering experience. Employees can simply scan, pre-order, and enjoy a blissful lunchtime experience with Lekkeray and ORDERMONKEY!

kloster kiosk


Bask in the sun as our Selforder-Terminal and Webapp offer a seamless solution for beachside dining. With just a tap, savour the flavours of Strandbad Klosters hassle-free, brought to you by ORDERMONKEY!

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