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The New Way To Order Food and Drinks

The food service industry continues to evolve. The latest technologies not only increase sales and reduce operating costs, but also make customers happier. Our self-order solution enables you to increase sales while keeping your customers first. An intuitive, fast & efficient customer experience journey.

Bowl ordered with Order Monkey

Our Self-Order Solution

Why ORDERMONKEY? Powered by Selise and as a partner of Samsung, we convince with Swiss quality and integrations to many POS systems. Thanks to many years of IT and software experience, we also develop customizable web app and kiosk solutions on request, which we offer you as the only partner in Switzerland from a single source.

+ 60%

Increased customer loyalty

+ 40%

Increased efficiency due to short waiting times

+ 30%

More order volume through upselling opportunities

Bestell-Kiosk Ordermonkey mit Software

Simple, Yet Robust

Menu Management

Easy content management on app and kiosk via back office


Placement of additional up-sell products within the order process


Advertising and promotion opportunities in the app and kiosk

POS & Payment

Direct integration into various POS systems

Dashboard & Reporting

Analysis of sales figures and statistics

Print Management

Easy printing of orders in the kitchen and at the bar

Monkeys are flexible

Table Top


Wall Mount

Our Customers with individual Self-Order-Solutions

Stripped Pizza  &
Bombay Botanics

ORDERMONKEY meets Ghostkitchen:
Innovative restaurant concepts combined!
At the Talacker, Seefeld, Basel locations, guests can order and enjoy their favorite dishes from two different restaurant concepts thanks to the ORDERMONKEY kiosk.

Aris Guzman
Vegan Pop-up

ORDERMONKEY for a limited time!
Especially with temporary pop-up concepts, it is always difficult to find qualified staff for a short period of time. This is where ORDERMONKEY comes into play: the kiosk and app solution helps to focus on customer service.

Meixin Group at
the terminal

ORDERMONKEY and chefs - a dream team!
In the Grindelwald terminal at Jungfraubahnen, multiple kiosks are taking 100% of the orders. Even in several languages, to pick up as many guests as possible in this tourist region.

SV Group x

What do Spiga and ORDERMONKEY have in common? We love pasta and pizza! And that's with the help of a customized self-order solution that makes ordering even easier, whether it's dine-in or takeaway.

Lekkeray Mezze
Office Delivery

Convenient ordering from the office? Lekkeray makes it possible in nearby open-plan offices thanks to ORDERMONKEY!
Just order, pay and it's on its way to you. The perfect solution against food waste with the additional possibility to place advertising regardless of location.

Seamless, Integrations & Partners



POS Partner

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